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Spotify Playlist Curators: How To Find Them (+ Free Pitch Template!)

  • Damian Keyes
    Damian Keyes
  • Jan 11th 2022

Getting your music heard and growing your fanbase in 2022 and beyond involves a bit of Spotify strategy.

If getting your music on Spotify playlists and navigating the world of independent Spotify playlist curators is new to you, don't worry.

I'm going to explain exactly what Spotify playlist curators are, how to find the right user-generated playlists to submit your music to, how to find contact details for Spotify playlist curators, and my tried and tested pitch template for the best chance of getting included in playlists.

Ready to get more Spotify streams?

Let's go.

Why Should Artists Try To Get On Spotify Playlists?

Getting your new music featured on the best Spotify playlists is a great way for emerging artists to get in front of hundreds of thousands of new listeners.

Not only can getting on the right Spotify playlist increase your plays and streams, but it can also help you beat the Spotify algorithm, allowing your music to be suggested to more listeners, and possibly be included on editorial playlists (curated manually by Spotify's editorial team) or even algorithmic playlists (playlists like 'Release Radar' and 'Discover Weekly' that are unique to listeners and curated by the algorithm).

What Is A Spotify Playlist Curator?

Spotify curated playlists are created and maintained by Spotify users.

Anyone on Spotify can create a playlist. Some users will create them for their own enjoyment or to share with friends, family, or other fans.

Other Spotify curators are public figures, influencers, music bloggers, celebrities, YouTubers, website owners, radio stations, businesses, and more.

These playlists are often themed into genres, styles, and moods, just like Spotify's own editorial playlists.

Getting your music in front of independent Spotify playlist curators in your genre can be a game-changer.

Spotify playlists1

How To Get Your Music On Spotify Curated Playlists for Free:

Today I want to run you through a method to get on Spotify playlists that you can do right now today - and it's completely free.

Most people don't know that a lot of Spotify playlists already have contact details of independent Spotify playlist curators where you can submit your music.

Here are the steps to get your music playlisted:

1. Find Playlists In Your Genre

Open up Spotify and type either a genre or keyword. In this example, I've gone for alt-pop.

You then click on playlists and Spotify brings up all playlists.

alt-pop spotify playlists

2. Quality Check Potential Spotify Curated Playlists

Open up a playlist and look at the following:

1. Look at the number of likes.

The sweet spot is a playlist where it has a substantial number of likes but doesn't have too many, where it's less likely as a new artist you'll get on. This playlist has over 13k likes as an example.

2. Look at the tracklisting.

Are the songs high quality or does it feel like a playlist that's just been thrown together? This is your gut feeling on whether the playlist makes sense as a legit playlist that you'd like your music to be on.

3. Look at the dates songs have been added.

Is the playlist continuously being managed or were songs added months/years ago and more likely to be inactive? In this example, the top song was added in the past month.

spotify playlisters

3. Find Independent Spotify Playlist Curators Contact Details

Look for if there are contact details, this is your easy way to contact the owner of the playlist and submit your music.

The playlist owner in this example has left their Instagram page as you can see below:

spotify playlist curator instagram handle

Spotify Playlist Pitch Template Example:

From this point, you can message them asking for their submission process and this is my EXACT template for you to send to playlist curators:

"Hey! I’ve checked out your playlist and really like what you’ve created (ADD REASON IN HERE). I wanted to message to enquire about your submission process :)

I’ve recently released (OR ABOUT TO RELEASE) my new single (INSERT SINGLE NAME) which was released/is being released on (INSERT DATE HERE).

This single is important to me because (INSERT YOUR STORY HERE/AMEND THIS BIT AS IS APPROPRIATE).

I’d love you to take a listen and hopefully, it’s a good fit for your playlist.

Here’s the link to the song, hope you love it! (INSERT LINK IN HERE)"

You ask for the submission process FIRST because curators have different processes - some will add it on if they like the song and some may ask for a fee (sadly this is a fact of life that people monetize what they have, it doesn't automatically mean it's a bot playlist). In my experience, most will put it on for free if they're a fan of the song.

Then you can repeat for as many playlists as you want to reach out to.

I'm not going to lie, it will be quite time-consuming.

Which is why I've developed my own playlisting software in my Academy called Sonar which takes the majority of the work away from you, meaning you'll have time to focus on other areas of your creation and music marketing.

To use Sonar, you search a genre or keyword like this...

sonar spotify playlist submission

You can then use the dropdowns to decide the popularity of the playlist using my traffic light system (red being less likely to get on to green being the most likely to get your music on).

Let's take a look at the same playlist.

You can see the number of followers which is ranked as amber in Sonar - a perfect combination of a decent-sized playlist that as a new artist you're likely to get your music onto.

From Sonar you can click instantly into their Instagram and then use the template to contact.

You can contact hundreds of playlists very quickly, remember the more playlists you contact will equal the more awareness and streams for your music.

So here's the deal....

You can research on Spotify directly and apply to be on playlists using the information on this email.


You can use my easy playlisting tool to get your music playlisted in 2022.

This is on top of all of the insane value in my Academy (40 hours of courses including The Roadmap To 1 Million Streams), two weekly livesessions with me and my private community etc!).

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