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How To Build From Zero To 1 MILLION Streams FAST 🚀

6 Easy Steps To 1 Million Streams ⬇️

Build Your Brand Right

Define Your Audience and Fanbase

Build Your Socials Effectively

Release Music Consistently

Scaling The Numbers

Developing Your ROI and Monetisation

Build Your Brand Right

Define Your Audience and Fanbase

Build Your Socials Effectively

Release Music Consistently

Scaling The Numbers

Developing Your ROI and Monetisation

Welcome to degree level education for your music

✅ BRAND NEW: The Roadmap To 1 Million Streams 2.0

Designed to get you results QUICKLY with NO FLUFF. If you're starting from zero, this is the course that will take you from zero to 1 million streams utilising YOUR MUSIC. Build a genuine fanbase (no bots allowed here), a successful career AND scale beyond.

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Avoid wrong decisions, get important answers faster and have me on speed dial. Get mentored personally on WhatsApp, weekly livesessions and in my private community to guide you through your success. Whilst you can build your music career alone, mentors get you to your goal FASTER with LESS COSTLY mistakes.

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  • Damo
    Damian Keyes

    Just listened to it, I'd recommend looking at genres like Alt Rock, but I'd also look at mood and place based playlists (not many people think of these straight away), like summer and driving. I've got a couple of contacts so let me hook you up.

  • Karan
    Karan Master

    What playlists should my new song be going on?

  • Damo
    Damian Keyes

    I can see that you're posting and that some posts are landing more than others. I think this is because of the narrative elements, so I'd focus on making sure you're using narrative WITH your music and try not to rely on trends (I know we all hate trends!), as trends don't tend to help your music long term.

  • Tim
    Tim Milligan

    Can you review my socials and let me know where I should be focusing?

  • Damo
    Damian Keyes

    Ahhh bro this is AMAZING! Massive congratulations, let's smash 2 million next month.

  • James
    James Smith

    I can't believe I'm actually gonna hit 1 million streams this month. I can't thank you enough Damo!


Sonar is our Exclusive Portal into Spotify playlisting. Taking data directly from Spotify, you can quickly find ideal playlists for your music alongside the playlist curator's contact details.

  • Instantly get playlisted on my personal playlists which I share with industry experts
  • Get playlisted on over 7,000 playlists
  • Also use my playlist submission template

🆕 Get The Success Guarantee

If you don't see any new results within the first 24 hours, I will personally mentor you or give you your money back. Can't say fairer than that!

24 hour success guarantee

✅ Get The PRO Databases (Offer To Kickstart 2024)

As a limited time offer, I have set up everything you need to get started from zero. As an artist, it can be overwhelming when you release music. It's easy to miss aspects that could be the difference between 1000 streams and 100K or even 1M streams. It includes:

  • The Music Entrepreneur's Release Checklist
  • The Radio Database
  • The Press Database
  • The A&R Database
  • The Playlist Database
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Your membership includes:

  • 1

    The Roadmap To 1 Million Streams

    The flagship 8+ hour course taking you to over 1 million streams.


    Industry Defining Course Library

    40+ hours of courses from music industry leaders.

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    Get Playlisted With Sonar

    Get immediate access to our premium playlist finder and curator tool.

  • LIVE

    Weekly Livesessions with Damian

    Get your questions answered directly from Damian in weekly livesessions.

  • 3

    The Exclusive Community

    DKMBA has the best music community online, fact. Our community is via a private Facebook group and built in forums.

  • 5

    Damian’s Personal WhatsApp

    Message Damian anytime on WhatsApp to work together on your music (Pro only).

  • Spotify icon

    Get on the DKMBA Discover Playlists

    Damian put together his own Spotify playlists for the industry and you can get featured instantly.

  • Direct feedback quickly

    Direct Feedback Quickly

    Damian and his team aim to reply within 24 hours, meaning that you’ll always be able to get fast feedback on your music and strategy.

  • Toolkit

    Access your Music Career Toolkit

    Grab over 50 essential tools, documents and resources for your career quickly and easily.



I Do It Differently

I'm not the same as everyone else. This isn't just a course, we are a mentorship programme making sure that you achieve your goals.

I have worked in the music industry my whole life, starting from being signed to Universal Music at 18 to building music universities across Europe valued at $300M (BIMM), to then performing over 2000 gigs worldwide, including playing as a session musician for Alanis Morrisette and Billy Cobham. I have built a YouTube community of over 200 thousand musicians and has helped countless musicians launch their careers in the new music industry.

I'm here to be on your team.

  • 15M+ 15M+ Million Views on YouTube
  • 200K+ Subscribers on YouTube
  • 500M+ 500M+ combined streams from DK-MBA students
  • 15K+ 15K+ DK-MBA Students Worldwide


An Introduction To The Courses


Meet The Teachers

Damian Keyes

Damian Keyes

Founder, DK Music Business Academy

Damian Keyes

Damian Keyes is an award-winning Music Industry Educator, Entrepreneur, Social Media Specialist and Bass Player. His career highlights include:

  • Founding the world’s largest set of music colleges (BIMM), valued in excess of $200M.
  • Over 14M+ views on YouTube, educating musicians on how to release music in the modern world.
  • Writing two Amazon Best Selling Books, The Rule Breakers Guide to Social Media and Stop Selling Music.
Jon Shone Resized

Jon Shone

Music Director and Programmer

Jon Shone

Jon Shone is a keyboard player, songwriter, arranger, and musical director with over 10 years of experience at the top level of the music industry.

  • Played over 150+ stadiums as an MD with One Direction.
  • Worked as an MD for a long line of acts, including Bryan Adams, Michael Buble and Olly Murs.
  • Specializes in programming audio for large venues and touring.
Chris Leonard and Ed Sheeran

Chris Leonard


Chris Leonard

Chris Leonard is a hit songwriter who has co-written with artists including Ed Sheeran, Paulo Nutini and James Bay.

  • Chris co-wrote several Ed Sheeran hits including Lego House and Give Me Love.
  • He was the guitarist on Thinking out Loud which is the 16th most streamed song in existence on Spotify and was once the fastest song to reach 500M streams.
  • Other credits include One Direction, Shawn Mendes and Shania Twain.
IMG 8858 jpg

Ella Keyes

Content Creation

Ella Keyes

Ella is a former TV Producer who is now a Co-Founder of DK Music Business Academy.

  • Ella previously worked on shows like The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Come Dine With Me in the UK.
  • Ella has scaled DK Music Business Academy to 73 countries with over 10,000 students.
  • She specialises in content creation, having previously filmed and edited for broadcast.
Jason Bavanandan

Jason Bavanandan

Music Production

Jason Bavanandan

Jason Bavanandan is a songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

  • Jason has over a decade’s experience working with major label artists, such as Calvin Harris, Noel Gallagher and Diana Ross.
  • Jason was mentored by Paul Epworth (Adele, Florence and the Machine), Danton Supple (Coldplay) and Ben Hiller (U2, Blur).
  • He is signed to Sony/ATV, the world’s largest publishing company.
Ben Mc Kelvey

Ben McKelvey

Independent Touring

Ben McKelvey

Ben McKelvey is a singer songwriter with 10 years of experience of touring and recording.

  • He has toured as an independent artist with the likes of Scouting For Girls, Mike + The Mechanics and Wet Wet Wet.
  • He’s placed across UK arenas, renowned venues like The Royal Albert Hall as well as across Europe and the US.
  • He has self released over 50 solo tracks and is now moving into management and consulting for independent artists as well as remaining an active recording and touring artist.


Don't JUST Hear It From Me...

Last updated 23rd April 2024

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500M Streams and Counting 📈

OK, I have some questions...

Tackling the big question first! Music is subjective. I can’t tell you whether your music will land with the audience you want it to - generally, the audience you think you have isn’t actually the one you have! So I help you figure out YOUR audience. But what I can tell you is, if you don’t see any new results at all within 24 hours, I will personally mentor you or give you your money back. Can’t say fairer than that!

My Academy is laid out in step-by-step format broken down into easy wins for you. The goal is for you to maximise the most, whilst dedicating less of your time. It’s hard enough being an artist, without making it harder. The bonuses listed here are created to SAVE time, not create more work.

Foundations of music business apply across genres and then is tailored to your specific niche. This is about human consumption and engagement, which is the same regardless of whether you’re a pop artist or a metal artist.

This one is easy! It’s to keep costs down for you. I don’t want you spending all your money on my course. I want you to be able to get what you need at a price that you can pay. Right now, the Academy is $19.99 for Monthly and $199 for Pro (annual). Both are cancellable anytime. The main difference for Pro is that you get access to my WhatsApp number so we can message about your strategy on there.

Simple, you have access for as long as you’re a member. When you don’t want to be a member anymore, you just cancel.