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Michael gilbride
Michael Gilbride - USA

Hey guys!!! Just wanted to share a win that I’m super pumped about. Was just checking out my Spotify for Artists and saw our song, “Say Hello” by telco was added to Fresh Finds: Rock! We released this song on August 14th so it’s been a build up to this point but we’re so pumped!

Really big week for us... Agreed to a non exclusive sync deal for our debut EP, and our debut single cracked 100k!

Noah sonnen
Noah Sonnen - Germany

Hey Damian, I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome advice and amazing courses on DKMBA.

My debut single reached over 12k streams in less than 2 weeks with 2700 monthly listeners!

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Bruce McKinnon Jr - USA

Since joining maybe just over a month ago, my focus has been to grow my audience on IG to have a pool of people to pitch my music to as I start to release. I’ve gone from around 11k to upwards of 17k followers in the past month organically... All people actively engaging with my profile!

All I’ve done is follow the steps in the roadmap to 1mil streams, think about the questions presented, experiment & apply the best I could, and I’m seeing the results!

William Elvin
William Elvin - Philippines

The things I have learned and applied from DKMBA has led me to create a following that was enough for me to get interest in a record label in the Philippines. I am happy to inform you that I am signing with the label this month! Thank you so much for everything I learned.

Dino jag
Dino Jag - Australia

Had to share this win with the community... I discovered yesterday that my new single "Can't Keep Still" debuted at #10 in the national Australian AIR Charts.. to be honest I'm not exactly sure how I made this happen...

I just know I've been working damn hard to engage with my community in these last few months.. it's all a work in progress!

David kuperman
David Kuperman - USA

Got over 200 saves on my recent release and glad to see the consistency forming in my audience listenership. Also my single prior to that one hit 10k streams this week which is exciting! My first song to hit 10k.

Focusing less on the numbers and more on engagement but it's nice to see things coming from both angles!

Ron Querian - Philippines

I'm SO pumped today! Was looking over my July analytics and my streams increased by a factor of 6x!!!!

This stuff works.

Simone Eversdijk - Netherlands

So recap after 5 weeks since release. Goal was set on 20k for This 5 weeks. And we did way, way better!!

Following the steps Damo provided, Spotify has been helping out a lot. Got it in over 450 playlists since the start! And everything is going way, way better than I had even hoped for!! Now I’ve gotta find out if I can get even better results. Thanks Damian for your help!! You're a legend!

Conrad ashton
Conrad Ashton - UK

My EP passed 50k streams today, came out only two weeks ago 🥳🥳🥳

Omar afuni
Omar Afuni - UAE

I've been a subscriber of Damian's YouTube channel for a few months and I learned so much in a short amount of time thanks to his videos. This encouraged me to join his Music Business Academy.

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned professional, you will absolutely learn something new that will take your career to the next level.

Leigh fuge
Leigh Fuge - UK

In a time where a lot of the music business is filled with selfish, money hungry executives, Damian Keyes acts as a beacon of light for the underdog. The advice I’ve gotten from him over the last few years from his group and channel has been priceless.

I’ve never known anyone so dedicated to helping others grow. He shares all his insider knowledge with anyone who is ready to push themselves. And... to top it all off... he’s from Swansea!

Huw battenbo
Huw Battenbo - UK

The biggest achievement for me and @fromhumanstohydra was achieving regular radioplay each month, from local plays to US and Canada.

By following the DKMBA course on radio we now understand the mechanics and how things work in radio ‘under the hood’ and are no longer just relying on hope/luck! I’d recommend DKMBA to anyone looking to take charge of their own destiny.

Evan - Australia

I continue to be inspired by your work and time and energy that you put into helping artists. Thank you!

I have been able to go from 20k streams to 207k streams in a matter of months. Your content continues to help and I appreciate that man.

Robb grant
Robb Grant - UK

I would genuinely say if you want to achieve your goals in the music industry, free of the backstabbers and get Damo in your corner.

His wealth of knowledge and ability to communicate ideas in such a genuine manner through his passion and enthusiasm is incredibly rare and incredibly valuable.

Shane stanton
Shane Stanton - Australia

I started following Damian on his YouTube channel and watched every video. It's the best advice I've come across and when he started DK Music Business Academy (DKMBA), I joined immediately. Since joining, I've gained so much knowledge about how to show up as a musician and connect with an audience.

I feel being in this community helps us be ahead of the curve in the music industry and I couldn't be more grateful to be in it.

Daniel mcbreartt
Daniel McBrearty - UK

I've been creating music for over 30 years, playing for longer, and I really feel that dk-mba is starting to unlock the business aspects of things for me, which has always been a real struggle. In the two months since I joined, I'm starting to form a real strategy for turning my passion into something that pays, a turnaround in my confidence around promotion, and already, extremely encouraging reactions from new fans, as result of taking Damo's advice.

I've quite literally paid five times more for material that delivered five times less.

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James Sight - Finland

Hey Damian! I just wanted to thank you for all your content, I have multiple songs with 100k streams and now I've built a label we've partnered with UMG here in Finland!

Real musicians, real results