Music is overwhelming... 👇

🕵️ My spies noticed that you nearly made it....

But for some reason, something stopped you. Maybe it's because you're not ready yet, or you're not sure if I'm legit? I get that a lot, and so here is a bit about my background.

For full transparency...

I'm Damian Keyes and I was signed at 18 to a major label and then dropped 6 months later. At 23, I co-founded a Music University called BIMM in Europe, with over 6000 students a year at degree level. After initially retiring at 30, I realised that life wasn't interesting unless you were building. So I launched my YouTube channel which has over 15M views so far and my mission is to bring degree level education for 99.9% less to artists around the world.

Today, I mainly work with labels on breaking their new artists online, run my YouTube channel and work with artists here (in the Academy). I also own a couple of other businesses - a question I get a lot is "is the academy your main source of income?", to which the answer is no. I was lucky enough
to retire at 30, but I love building businesses.

I'm not the sort of person to force you into joining the Academy, if you want to - let's do it.

And if you don't, that's OK too. I'm always here to help.

And to make it a bit easier if you do, if you enter the code NEWARTIST25, you'll get 25% off.

As a special limited time offer, I have also set up the mega offer to end all mega offers to give you everything you need to kickstart your career (the proper way).

As an artist, it can be overwhelming when you release music. It's easy to miss aspects that could be the difference between 1000 streams and 100K or even 1M streams. It includes:

  • The Music Entrepreneur's Release Checklist
  • The Radio Database
  • The Press Database
  • The A&R Database
  • The Playlist Database

There is over $500 worth of value in this offer ALONE when you become a DK-MBA Member. These are all emailed over when you join the Academy.

This offer ends soon.

See you soon,

Damian x

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