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How To Release Music With No Fans and No Money

I tend to have questions asking whether a release strategy is different if it's your first release, or if you're releasing with no fans or no money. The answer is yes... it's always going to be slightly difference, as you need to be more creative with how you do things.

1st Release + No Fanbase + No Money = A Different Strategy

Here are five tips that you can utilise with your release:

1. Your first release is a massive opportunity

You can never release something for the first time again, so use this and give it everything. Everything you do in front of everyone is fresh for the first time, so maximise this potential by making sure your house is in order - capture attention.

2. You don't have to use Spotify straight away

Wait... What?! That's right, you don't HAVE to use Spotify straight away and pay for distribution. You can build a platform on a number of viable platforms, including Soundcloud and YouTube.

3. Friends and family count

In the early days, friends and family getting behind you really can help build your momentum. More shares, more likes, more comments... which helps boost your content to other people who will see that there is a buzz and want to join the party. This works especially well if it's your first release.

4. Don't big time

Everyone always wants to skip steps and hit the big time straight away, but it's not that easy... And no one is buying it either. I promise you, you will get more power and momentum for being real, so leave the ego at the door.

5. Squeeze the lemon

When you don't have a massive fanbase or a lot of money to invest, you need to get as much content as you can from your release. Otherwise, you'll be left spending money on recording and not getting anywhere near enough momentum you wanted from it. think of other supporting content you can bring, like live performances or behind the scenes videos etc.