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5 Social Media Goals For Your Music

Everyone wants to grow a loyal audience. To do this you have got to understand social media. We’re going to look at 5 key areas that you need to look at for your social media that you can exploit to look after your audience and bring in new people to join you on your journey.

  • A six-month calendar
  • 1,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Perfect your bio
  • Grow your traffic
  • Create an accountability goal

Plan out your next six months of releases in a calendar. Set a specific date for each release. Once you have these big pillars in place in the calendar, you can organise everything else around it. Photoshoots, video shoots, rehearsals, gigs, tours – all the things that you need to get your release ready needs to have a dedicated time in your calendar. Once you have it all scheduled out you can then base your social media off of what you are doing. Use your socials to tell everyone about all of the amazing adventures you are having. Take the calendar away and suddenly you are waking up each day trying to rack your brains for something to post and you’ll always be on the back foot. Let your calendar take care of the content ideas for you!

You might not realise this but so much of the music industry turns to YouTube on a daily basis to go and find what they are looking for. Whether it’s sync agents, festival owners, live agents and the list goes on – they all head to YouTube because it’s such a powerful search engine and you must take it seriously.

But why 1,000 subscribers I hear you ask? 1,000 subscribers shows you’re taking your YouTube seriously. It shows YouTube that you’re taking your YouTube seriously. But most importantly, to get to that 1,000th subscriber, you will have to learn YouTube. You’ll have to understand it, what to post and when to post it in order to grow your audience. YouTube requires engaging long form content, so striving for 1,000 subscribers will encourage you to video your live gig, record a vlog, upload your B-side music, do some story telling – all the things that your audience wants to see and will help you grow.

Sort out your bios on your social platforms. Don’t use your bio to describe yourself in a factual way, for example, ‘24-year-old indie artist from Brighton’. Use your bio to tell your story. Tell people exactly why they should follow you on your journey. Do you write songs for people that felt like they never fit in? Do you write face melting guitar riffs? Do you want to bring guitar solos back? Whilst you might turn some people off, you’ll grow a more engaged fanbase from those that resonate with you.

When it comes to social media, the number that really counts is the traffic. How many people saw that video? How many people saw that picture? If we know that our socials are growing the YouTube subscriptions and Spotify plays will start taking care of themselves. Use your Facebook and Instagram insights to find out how well your posts are reaching people.

An accountability goal is so crucial when it comes to social media. Hold yourself accountable to your audience. If you tell your YouTube followers that there will be a new video every Wednesday, post a video every Wednesday. If your Instagram followers are expecting a post every single day, hold yourself accountable to that. It builds consistency, and consistency is key to building an audience.

Accountability can also stop the biggest problem that musicians face – perfectionism. It can be tempting to keep putting things off until they are perfect all the while, accountability says “it’s not perfect, but you have to post today.” Whilst this can be difficult to put into practice, it will push you forward so you are always thinking about the next piece of content.